St Petersburg Insider is an inside look at and discussion of all things related to St Petersburg Russia as viewed from a foreigner’s eyes.  It’s my personal view based on experiences  I have had, observations, thoughts and sometimes just facts about its 315-year history, and answers to questions visitors have posed to me during years of being in the in-coming tour business. Besides my own blog posts, comments, and photos guest writers will contribute as fellow expats or locals wanting to contribute to a better understanding of their city.


Welcome to my personal view of St Petersburg Russia.  I am Stan Jacox, an American living in St Petersburg Russia since 2001 and having visited many times in the decades before that. Some posts will be just facts answering questions posed to me by visitors, locals, and readers over the years, and others will simply be my musings about things I see or experience now and in the past, while exploring, living, working and playing in Russia.  participating in contemporary culture and reflections on its history and contribution to the world or art, political philosophy, science and world events.


First Light is the term used by astronomers when opening a new telescope onto the skies from afar. It sort of applies here, a blog or essay platform for shining a light on the city, culture, history, and people of St Petersburg Russia to be seen from afar.  This is planned to be a platform for my musings but with additional guest contributors with contributions to its intended goal of letting those who are interested in this unique city, its people, history, arts, sciences, culture, architecture and world impact. 

This started as a single person’s view of St Petersburg but will also add voices of others, both locals and foreign expats and visitors.  I am an American who has been living here since 2001 and has explored many angles and views of my chosen home.
My target audience includes tourists, fans of Russian culture, history buffs, those interested in the arts and the curious.

 Comments are welcome but please keep them related to the theme and topic. Questions are also welcome.


St Petersburg featured in International JAZZ DAY April 30 2018

St Petersburg is recognized not only as major arts and classical music center but as one of the key contributors in Jazz. So naturally, when  UNESCO and other sponsors of International Jazz Day, St Petersburg was selected as a principal site for the annual event, of concerts, workshops and master classes with live feeds to 180 …